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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dan Boren: Famous Anti-Labor Incumbent

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While he voted against the Employee Free Choice Act and supports the Columbia Free Trade Agreement, Congressman Dan Boren's voting record is far better than the rest of Oklahoma's Congressional delegation.

The AFL-CIO cautions that voting records are just one item workers should use in considering whether, and how strongly, to back a lawmaker in the coming elections. And some lawmakers without “perfect” records may actually be as pro-worker as their districts allow.

Thus, for example, in Oklahoma, an extremely conservative anti-labor state, Rep. Dan Boren, the state’s Democrat, voted in agreement with the AFL-CIO on 18 roll calls--fewer than any other House Democrat nationwide--and disagreed on 12, including passage of the Employee Free Choice Act. Boren missed the other 3 votes.

But Boren was far ahead of the Sooner State’s four other representatives, all Republicans. Each agreed with the AFL-CIO twice and disagreed 30 or 31 times.


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